Outdoor Solar Power, Portable Charger, Rugged, Fast – SunJack.com – Find it and more

SunJack meets all your active lifestyle needs by providing “rugged outdoor solar power.” As the most powerful portable solar charger in the world, SunJack products are capable of charging your mobile device as fast as any wall outlet (with plenty of power to spare). SunJack is compatible with ALL Android, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry, GoPro, JawBone devices and more.

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Clients include the U.S. Army, the Federal Aviation Administration, CBS, GRID Alternatives, and the United States Marine Corps. Designed to make life easier, SunJack solar chargers and accessories open endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, preppers, survivalists, travelers and more.

SunJack® World’s most powerful, weather-resistant 20W USB solar charger.

Humanitarian Efforts: Sunjack provides portable solar chargers to non-profit organizations like WorldVision, Americares, and GRID Alternatives.

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“Untether from the grid and benefit from wall outlet charging speeds, anywhere. Powerful enough to fully charge most phones in 90 minutes and holds enough energy for up to 8 smartphones after just 5 hours of sunlight.” – SunJack.com

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Server, Web Site Hosting – Crystone – Find it and more

Crystone was founded in 1997 and is now one of the leading providers of shared/server hosting in Scandinavia. Their servers and headquarters are based in Sweden. They also have offices in the USA and UK and proudly serve customers from all over the world. Those include private individuals and companies of all sizes. International traffic goes to their .COM site and they also run dedicated .SE sites for Swedish clients.

They offer reliable hosting anyone can afford. Join them today!


Benefits for their Clients:

Value for your money
Technical Support available 24/7 via free phone, ticket system and live chat
Comprehensive shared hosting plans including features such as Microsoft Exchange Email or easy Sitebuilder with 4,500 templates (build a site in 5 min with no experience in HTML or PHP!)
45 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Docking Stations, Speakers, Headphones, Mobile Device Accessories, Stream Music, Bluetooth, iPhone, Android – iHome – Find it and more

iHome has become the #1 brand in the iPod/iPhone Electronics market and its iPod Clock Radio continues to be the #1 selling iPod Speaker System in North America. As a result of its unprecedented success, iHome has expanded its product line with portable speakers and home stereo systems that incorporate the innovative features and custom designs that iHome is known for. iHome is sold in major retailers Nationwide.

468x60 iBN6 Rugged Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
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SDI Technologies is the name of a consumer electronics manufacturer whose products are marketed under several national brands, including Timex, Sylvania, eKids, New Balance, KIDdesigns, and iHome. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

iHomeAudio.com presents over 80 products of Wireless Audio System through Bluetooth, NFC or AirPlay. They are portable, impressive with an exceptional audio experience.
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Created in 2005, the iHome division produces docking stations, headphones, and accessories for mobile devices. iHome systems are able to stream music over Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and play music over a wired connection. In addition to playing music wirelessly, some systems can act as a charging station for many devices when connected. Other products manufactured by iHome are for Android tablets. Some iHome stations act as a docking station so that users on tablets can use a physical keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard on many devices. iHome manufactures a station for the Kindle Fire as well. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Let your House Rock with iHomeAudio’s iPod/iPhone/iPad Devices will Crank Your Music!
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728x90Static iBN6 Rugged Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
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Free to Air Broadcast TV, HDTV, Digital, DVR, Stream Live or Recorded – Simple TV – Find it and more

Simple.TV is the first personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV to your favorite devices, wherever you are. Get all your broadcast TV favorites on your iPad, PC, Mac or Roku box. TV anytime, anywhere.

Get Yours Today

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Simple.TV is the first personal DVR that helps people cut their cable bills and take advantage of all of the amazing HDTV that virtually all of us get for free. Purchase the Premier Basic Service for $149

Simple.TV isn’t your standard DVR. It doesn’t plug into your TV set, it won’t let you get encrypted cable channels* or satellite TV. You plug in your own hard drive (for as much storage as you need). Purchase the Premier Annual Service for $199

What it will do is capture free-to-air broadcast TV or digital basic cable** shows and make them available on all your favorite connected screens – inside your house, or on the road. Purchase Simple.TV Premier Lifetime Service for $299. Never worry again!

Up to five family members can watch Simple.TV simultaneously.

*No HBO, Showtime, AMC, Comedy Central, etc.

**Known as ClearQAM. Check with your provider to see if you get digital cable.


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VPN, Virtual Private Network, Internet Personal Privacy, Security, Anonymity – Hide.me – Find it and More

Hide.me VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the world’s most reputed VPN solution with over 1.5 million satisfied customers. It is considered to be amongst the fastest VPN services available in the market right now, reviewed by various experts in the industry including the likes of BestVPN. Hide.me helps users reclaim their basic right of internet freedom, privacy, security and anonymity, making them absolutely secure from government spying, identity thieves, hackers etc.

Why do Internet Users need a VPN service?

Anonymous Torrent Downloading
Unblock Any Website In The Word
Watch IPTV From Anywhere In The World
Live Steaming Of Sports Events From anywhere In The World

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