Oregon Pump Your OWN GAS? Not If You’re A Native Oregonian – Find it and more

If you are a Native Born Oregonian you don’t believe in pumping your own gas. Because Oregon is now over populated with transplants, people coming from states that they helped screw up, now want to force their miss-guided beliefs upon those they came to live with and make Native Oregonians pump their own gas.

Now, leave your comments and note if you are a Native Oregonian or Out of Stater.

Native Oregonians are now a minority in their own state 40% Native Oregonians vs 60% Whatever.

Apple Phones Lose 15% of Their Speed After They Leave the Store – Apple – Find it and more

Apple admits to throttling their old phones, claiming that it is in the best interest of their customers to maintain App integrity as batteries lose their strength.

Planned Obsolescence or Real Customer Concern?

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