What do the Buzzwords Mean in Help Wanted Ads – Find it and more

Here is a summary of popular ‘Buzzwords’ found in Job Ads and what they mean.

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis, the Author of the original article.
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Detail-oriented: This phrase hints that your every move will be scrutinized and second-guessed.

Team player: This is a code phrase for someone who will allow the employer to do whatever they want to you.

Fast-paced work environment: This means that the employer wants high productivity at all costs and you’ll be fielding a steady flow of emergencies.

Multitask: Neuroscience tells us it’s actually impossible for the human brain to multitask successfully. What they’re trying to say is, ‘We may switch up your job description without telling you and we want you to be okay with it.’

Self-starter: It’s saying, ‘When we don’t give you any sense of direction, we want you to pull it out of thin air.’

Results-oriented or self-motivated: What this really means is that they want someone with incredible drive… because you probably will have to work to make commission.

Early-stage or venture-backed: There aren’t a lot of resources; you may not get paid a lot; and we hope you’re going to work for that Holy Grail of going public or some successful exit.

Experience in an entrepreneurial setting: Any job ad that describes an “entrepreneurial position” will demand a willingness to do whatever task needs to be done from the person who takes the gig.

Creativity for “out of the box” solutions: That’s jargon for: we don’t have it figured out yet.



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