Octopus Walks on Land – Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – Find it and more

A Red Octopus crawls out of the tide pool with a crab between it’s tentacles. Walks around a bit, drops the crab, then returns to the water.

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is about 40 minutes south of San Francisco in Moss Beach, CA. At low tide this marine protected area becomes an outdoor class room allowing visitors to witness the diversity of underwater life.

World’s Lightest Solid, Substance, Material – Find it and more

Until now, the worlds lightest solids have been ‘aerogels’, or ‘frozen smoke’. Now scientists reveal a new solid, a metallic lattice of hair-thin pipes less dense that air. The most common lightweight materials are foams used as insulation, sound dampening and vibration reduction…

Worlds Lightest Soild

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