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Organic Bouquet has been offering sustainably grown flowers fresh from their partner farms since 2001. They expanded their product line to include eco-elegant gifts, organic chocolates and more! They aim high in everything they do, from their relationships with their partner artisans and growers to their adherence to rigorous U.S. and international sustainability standards. They obtain their products from companies who provide safe and just working conditions and a livable wage, and partner with artisans and farmers who re-invest in their communities and take pride in their craftsmanship.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for All Occasions
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Also included on their website is their sister brand Organic Style which, in addition to eco-elegant flowers, also offers a whole range of other items like gourmet gift baskets, décor for the green home, eco-chic apparel and natural pet products. One thing they both have in common though, Organic Style and Organic Bouquet are eco-friendly and green!

At Organic Bouquet, they are committed to their environmental and humanitarian values, carefully selecting their sources, sustainably producing their products, and donating a portion of our proceeds to dedicated charitable organizations.


Order Eco-Friendly Roses, Buy 1 Dozen and get 1 FREE.
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Eco-Friendly Wreaths Make the Perfect Gift
Eco-Friendly Wreaths
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Eco-Elegant gifts and flowers for all occassions!
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Buy Gourmet Organic Chocolates at Organic Bouquet
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Reyn Spooner has been a leader in Hawaii’s fashion scene since the 1950s. They pioneered the tailored incarnation of the Hawaiian shirt and led innovations such as the wrinkle free Spooner Kloth and the washed down reverse-print. Recently, Reyn Spooner was the first to introduce a modern trim-fit line of Aloha shirts that’s once again causing imitations to follow. Today, the Reyn Spooner brand is synonymous with premium quality aloha fashion that is always a tasteful wearable art expression. Each and every product they sell is designed in Hawaii and deeply informed by the history, people, culture, legacy and stories of the Pacific. A significant portion of their products are also made with aloha in Hawaii. Most notably their heritage prints.

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Their loyal fan base goes beyond the Hawaiian Islands and California. It stretches from Washington and Oregon to Texas and New York; from United Kingdom and France to Germany and the Netherlands; from Japan and China to Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. With individual expression and casual, relaxed lifestyle now firmly established in both work and non-work environments, tasteful aloha prints have become a leading fashion trend espoused by Hollywood stars and fashion houses like Prada and Saint Laurent.

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