Remodel, Upgrade, Home Improvement, Basement, Drywall, Interior, Cleanlines Construction, Inc. – Portland, Oregon

Cleanlines Construction is a Residential and Light Commercial Contractor that specializes in Remodeling and Upgrades. Cleanlines has been providing quality construction to home owners and property owners in the Portland, Oregon metro area for over 12 years and has a reputation of completing projects on time and on budget.

Owner: David Bolotow
Phone: 503-933-0924


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Car Care Chemicals, Body Shop Detailing Supplies, Buffing Pad Systems and Machines – Chemical Guys – Find it and more

Chemical Guys offers the largest selection of car care chemicals, body shop detailing supplies, professional accessories, buffing pad systems and machines. Their extensive manufacturing background has enabled them to become one of the leading design, development and manufacturing facilities for many OEMs and Private Labelers.

Chemical Guys Car Care Products
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Throughout their extensive experience in the car care industry they have designed and tested many car care detailing products and accessories. They understand that no detailing brush, polishing pad, or wax applicator is the same, they know what works and what does not. You can be confident that when purchasing Chemical Guys chemicals and detailing accessories they have been put through the most rigorous tests and have exceeded in both quality and performance.

Chemical Guys Coupons
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Chemical Guys takes the car care and auto detailing industry very seriously and they are proud to be the industries leading product supplier. From the everyday car enthusiast that is passionate about his/her auto to the professional detailer, car wash owner, OEM user and car-wash owner; Chemical Guys has a full lineup of products for everyone.

Smart Wax
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Chemical Guys has established Chemical Guys locations all over the world to better serve their customers. Their educational platform is constantly expanding from Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University to their Weekly DIY class, advanced business classes, Hands-on buffing courses, all the way to their car shows, parties and events. The Chemical Guys movement is everywhere.

Smart Wax
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Smart Detailing University & Chemical Guys detailing courses were created to offer students hands-on training in detailing while providing a system-based educational systems that help prepare individuals and business owners for successful carriers in the car care industry.



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