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A little girl with a big dream of becoming an astronaut and the inspirational tale of her adventure as she attempts to defy gravity and return a fallen star to its home in the sky.

To The Stars - Title
To The Stars – Title

On clear summer nights, a young, curly-haired girl named Sue, who dreams of becoming an astronaut, climbs the hill next to her home to gaze at the stars and to let her imagination run free. However, there is something different about this particular night where our story begins….

To The Stars - Sue
To The Stars – Sue

When a star falls from outer space landing among the nearby forest trees and losing its light, the hero of our story attempts to defy gravity and return the star back to its home in the sky.

To The Stars Sue With Rocket
To The Stars Sue With Rocket

A little adventure, a little humor and a little girl who refuses to give up are the makings of the stop-motion animated short film that will be created to tell this inspirational tale.

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