How to get Liquid out of your Ear – Find it and more

The ear is the organ that not only detects sound, but also aids in balance and body position.

The outer part of the ear collects sound which is amplified through the middle portion of the ear in the form of sound pressure that is transferred to a liquid medium in the inner ear. The change from air to liquid occurs because air that surrounds the head is also in the ear canal and middle ear, but not in the inner ear. The channels of the inner ear are filled with liquid, hair cells. When moved these hair cells trigger nerve impulses. Sound waves moving through the liquid push the hair cells.
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Human Ear Diagram

The inner ear is not in direct contact with the air outside but is sealed behind the ear drum which acts as a barrier to the outside. Through the Eustachian Tube is how the air pressure is equalized between the inner and outer ear. When the inner ear is filled with ear wax from improper ear cleaning or water from swimming, for example, a clogging sensation can be felt in the inner ear. There are a variety of ways to clear out the ear…

Fluid in the ear, is usually the result of a condition in which the auditory tube (eustachian tube) is impaired…
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How to Drain Liquid from Behind the Ear Drum
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  1. This is really informative. I usually get water trapped in my ear when swimming at pools or at the beach. I tried to remove it by gently jiggling my earlobe while tilting my head in a downward motion toward my shoulder.

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