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To The Stars Sue With Rocket

To The Stars – An Animated Film – Erin Toft – From The Heart Productions – Donate To The Stars – Find it and more

A little girl with a big dream of becoming an astronaut and the inspirational tale of her adventure as she ...
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Bug Bite Relief – Bug Bite in Belize – Find it and more

Click it to Buy it on eBay. Bug Bite Relief from Bug Bite in Belize Visiting the Tropics often includes ...
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Merry Christmas from Belize

The shirt is from Hobbs Brewery, which is hopefully opening in January 2019, and apparently a unique item. Many people ...
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Daytripper House and Lagoon

Belize May 2018

People, Places and more ...
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Chilling at the bar next door

Buba Wuba is a welcome addition to the neighborhood ...
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Sailing with the family today.

One off the benefits of house sitting is that, if there is room on a cruise, you can climb aboard ...
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Temporary Residence

House sitting for some friends ...
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Your Next Vacation… You Better Belize It.

A growing vacation destination. Bloomberg Report (Thanks Thomas Schroeder for the link.) A fantastic event in May. Belize Parrothead Club ...
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Manager of upscale Portland restaurant bitten by venomous spider, $999,999 lawsuit says

By Aimee Green The Oregonian/OregonLive For more than a month last summer, the general manager of McCormick & Schmick's ...
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Drinking in Texas

Only a person in Texas would think of this: From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes ...
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How to Change a Number 1 into a Number 2 ...
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Shay and Company – Fixed Oils, Essential Oils, Butters, Melt and Pour Soap Base

Shay and Company, Inc. is a Wholesale distributor of a wide selection of oils, butters and soap and candlemaking products, ...
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Genesis Gets Top Spot, Named Best Car Brand By Consumer Reports – Find it and more

The top auto brand in Consumer Reports’ 2018 Brand Report Card Rankings is one that many people may not know ...
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Happy Margarita Day 2018

Have the Coolest, Saltiest, Tequila Filled Margarita! OR, A ...
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February 21, 2018, it snowed last night in Portland, Oregon

4 to 5 inches. Weather people say it will snow again tonight ...
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PPAP – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen – Find it and more

This link takes you to the Facebook page. There you can watch the video PPAP - Pen Pineapple Apple ...
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How to Find it – About was created in 2006 by me, Tom Bolotow, and has gone through many changes. It is a growing list ...
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How Shampoo got it’s Name or Why it’s Called Shampoo – Find it and more

India's many contributions to the English Language. In 1762 the English Language adopted the word 'Shampoo' derived from Hindi chāmpo ...
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Best Breeds of Talking Birds – Find it and more

Talkative birds or talking birds are fun pets to own. They can be great little companions and fun to have ...
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Geese on Parade – Find it and more

Apparently this parade took place in Amsterdam. Fourteen Geese, Two band members and one person just marching along. When it ...
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‘i’ Before ‘e’ Except After ‘c’, That’s Weird – Find it and more

Rules were made to be broken, especially in the English language. That's 'Weird' or shouldn't that be 'Wierd'. Click on ...
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How to Cook Lobster Tails – Find it and more

Lobster tails are delicious. If you are not sure how to cook one correctly click on the Image or the ...
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The Bottle of Wine, Gift, Trade, Story – Order Wine Online – Find it and more

THE BOTTLE OF WINE For all of us who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you ...
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Kulula Airlines, Johannesburg, South Africa – Find it and more

READ ALL THE STUFF ON THE SIDES OF THE PLANE. Then read the Kulula employee's comments!! Kulula is a low-cost ...
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How to get Liquid out of your Ear – Find it and more

The ear is the organ that not only detects sound, but also aids in balance and body position. The outer ...
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Incredible Frisbee Catch from a Speedboat – Find it and more

A Frisbee, a Bridge, a Boat, a Boat Driver, a Thrower, a Catcher and a Few Fans are all is ...
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